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Our Advantage

What do we have at EDP World that is unique?
Our relationships…

Our success, and a key differentiator from our competitors, can best be characterized by our long-term relationships with IT professionals at every level throughout their careers. We leverage these relationships to network for candidates who would be appropriate for our searches. While each of our recruiters is skilled in today’s cutting edge social media and recruiting tools, we believe that our clients engage us mostly for our contacts in the IT industry across so many different business verticals. Nothing beats using a deep and broad network of trusted contacts to fill searches. EDP World has been a market leader in recruiting IT talent for over 40 years. When you’ve been around that long, and weathered all the market downturns, you must be doing something right.

We are also highly successful in retaining our recruiters, many of whom have been working with EDP World for over 10 years and several for over 20 years. The stability of our team reflects their individual successes in IT recruiting and provides our clients with consistency and experienced thought leadership. In addition, our Recruiter Training Program produces young recruiters who have the ability and personal skills to identify and bond with the young IT talent so often sought these days by our clients who are working in cutting edge technologies. Our recruiting methods are also cutting edge.

EDP World was one of the first Contingency Recruitment firms to engage a Software Development firm to create a highly interactive, relational database/CRM System which has been upgraded and refined over the years as the firm has grown. Our Database currently contains over 80,000 names of IT professionals with whom we have connected in relation to our searches, as either potential or actual candidates or clients. We are all also sophisticated users of many online recruiting tools and social media. Our Recruiters and Account Managers are active in many industry groups, which also serves to ensure that our market knowledge is current.

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